Blended Levels 1/2 Update

Since my last post I’ve been working on ‘blending’ levels 1 and 2 for my new curriculum set up. Don’t know what on earth I’m talking about? Read about my new schedule for next year here. 

My main plan is to ‘blend’ levels 1 and 2 as much as possible.  I say ‘blend’ because I don’t see that a complete, traditional blend will be possible.  As you’ll read, I’m going to keep the topics consistent as much as I can, but there are times when the levels will have to be separate.  For example, the first unit.  The level 1s will have no background knowledge and I don’t think it’s appropriate to throw them into the deep end. And it’s also not appropriate to have the 2s learn the novice low basics all over again.  But when I can, I want to keep the topic/theme consistent so the level 2s can overhear a bit of review (never a bad thing) and the level 1s can overhear a bit of a preview or extension for students who do pick up on language quickly.

Before I go into the division of units and topics, I should say that I did use the 6 AP Themes to guide my curriculum.  I do not currently teach AP, but I think these 6 Themes are a fantastic way to organize and create a well-rounded language curriculum.  These topics also apply to all levels and allow for differentiating and blending, which I’m all about.


Here is the main event, how I am organizing my units/topics for levels 1 and 2 next year. As you’ll see I tried to keep the unit topics consistent where I could, but sometimes that just wasn’t possible or best for students.  This is what I’m trying and I’ll revise and edit as the year goes on.  This is quite a basic outline, I’ll write more detailed posts later.  Hopefully someone out there will read this and find it helpful!

Semester 1:

Unit 1: Wer bin ich? Personal/Public Identities

D1: Wer bin ich? Intro unit

  • Age
  • Where I live/am from
  • Greetings/leave taking
  • Personal space, gestures, eye contact, etiquette

D2: Review Project/Wer bin ich? Unit 1

  • Review Project
  • Nationalities
  • Image
  • Stereotypes

Unit 2: Familie und Freunde- Families/Communities/Social Relationships/Social Media/Beauty and Aesthetic

D1: Meine Familie

  • Family Members
  • Physical characteristics/Personality traits

D2: Meine Freunde

  • TV/Movies
  • Media/Social Media

Unit 3: Contemporary Life/Families and Communities

D1: Meine Freizeit

  • Things I like to
  • Entertainment
  • Music/sports

D2: Mein Alltag

  • Leisure activities
  • Daily routine

Semester 2:

Unit 1: Contemporary Life

D1: mein Haus/zu Hause helfen

  • Housing
  • Chores

D2: Mein Leben, Meine Zukunft

  • Housing
  • City/Country

Unit 2: Families and Communities/Social Relationships/Contemporary Life

D1: die Schule

  • Weather/Seasons
  • School

D2: Reisen

  • Landforms
  • Geography
  • Vacation

Unit 3: Beauty/Aesthetic


  • Fashion and Design
  • Colors

D1 Review colors, adjectives, add in separable-prefix verbs

D2 Review colors, adjectives, add in ein-word adjective endings and dative verbs

Next I plan to post my ideas of how weekly/daily instruction will work.  In the meantime, I’d love ideas of how you would tackle the day-to-day set up of teaching two classes at once!